Washington State Wedding Venues

To all Brides and Grooms looking to get married in Washington State,

Looking for a venue that pampers?

You may be looking for our Beach side service exclusively for you. We have been pampering brides and groom here in the North West for many years and they are loving it. From serving champagne on the beach while roasting a s’more, there has never been a more personal occasion then having your wedding at The Edgewater House. Posh is worth it! As we bring you luxury, our venue brings your clarity and with a touch surreal.

With each personal thing we do for you, the more you will feel what it means to be a bride. It is not only about the event of getting married, there is more, it all awaits you at The Edgewater House.

Let us plan your dream and make you the bride you have always wanted to be.

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Washington Brides

Can it be true that there is a beauty you only catch once….

While looking over out towards the open air and snowy peeks of the Cascades and the Olympic mountain ranges. Before my eyes reach those daring peeks, I cross over the complex estuaries system of interconnected marine waterways and basins. The is a calling to the water. I seek for it but what is it really? Sitting on a beach log, I ponder and find peace. How can it come to me so steady. It is like that salty air heals my mind. The warm sand is therapy to my soul. The seeking views stretch me, giving vision and hope. I am so sure in a place like this, my mind can’t escape the purity of beauty. I came here to start my journey, to pressure my passions with you.

You are my passion. You are my love. You have drawn me. I have brought you hear to this place I cherish, just to cherish it with you. For the first time I look at you, I am totally yours. There is no place I would rather be then at the waters edge with you. Darling its photo time. Lets take our first photos as Mr. and Mrs. I am excited, I am thrilled. There is such a thing as beauty and you have taken me there.

Along the Puget Sound, I gave you my vows and you gave me yours. There is nothing more beautiful that can take place at the beach the this moment with you. While you gave me your ring and whispered ” you’re the only one who touched my hear and for that, I will give you all of me”…

Your wedding could be beautiful. Your wedding could be something that only touches you once, but stays with you forever. Your wedding could take place at The Edgewater House.


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Washington Brides & Grooms!

Soon to be Washington State Brides and Grooms! Valentine’s Day is here. Are you thinking of popping the question? But are still not sure of the right location. The Edgewater House waterfront wedding and event venue is located North of Gig Harbor is the perfect proposal location for you. We have been serving Seattle and surrounding areas, and would love to host your beach proposal at our waterfront venue.  With this amazing waterfront location there is nothing that will impress them more the walking hand in hand together. The sandy beach stretches around the gorgeous point and is private for you party.

And when you have impressed your significant other with our incredible venue, we will be more then happy to introduce them to the possibility of hosting the wedding as well. Because there is no better time to start planning your wedding then in the spring. We would love to hear from you and start planning your perfect wedding today. Please contact us anytime. You will now find The Edgewater House on WeddingWire.com and Myweddings.com. We also participate in the Seattle Wedding Show. Our brides love the idea of getting married on beach and love the comfort of a wedding location that takes care of your wedding for you. The day of the wedding is so easy for our brides and grooms and their families. We do all the setup of our tables, chairs, linens and place settings and clean it all up for you during and at the end of your event. You want have your family moving tables and chairs around and get all stressed about where and how everything needs to go and when. We take care of that for you. We have very professional and personal Day of Event planners waiting to make a stress free wedding day for you.

Contact us for a perfect Pacific Northwest wedding that you will never forget and that when you look back on your perfect day it was and is everything you ever wanted and could have ever imagined! The Edgewater House is what you will remember most! Get married at the perfect wedding and event location near Seattle WA.

Big Wedding Ideas

Washington State Brides and Grooms! What’s your big wedding IDEA?

Open your dreams. Here’s to big happy wedding in the Northwest. Share it with all your family and party with all your friends. Go all out! Tempted by a perfect day? Too SIMPLE for your liking? Now you’re listening!!

A perfect wedding or a heart of regret? YOU CHOOSE! Why should it be you who settle for an unpleasant wedding day? Don’t settle. Open your dreams. We are here to help you plan and achieve your perfect idea for your wedding.

A perfect beach wedding day! That is exactly what you want! Filled with all your perfect Northwest wedding IDEAS. Wedding dreams for flourish your ideas. Seattle weddings are more than just ideas, they are filled with BIG IDEAS. Not sure where to start the planning process, give us a call at 253-549-5916. We have made many Puget Sound brides and grooms perfect BIG IDEAS come to life. And we would love to make that happen for you as well. Weddings with beautiful passion, heart felt excitement and a true day to be celebrated. Wedding at The Edgewater House are a dream in a bottle waiting to be opened. Open your dreams at The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue Washington State and make your BIG IDEA come to life.

Tori & Travis Beachfront Wedding Video in WA

Tori and Travis Beachfront Wedding Video in Washington State.

The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue.

See a wedding at The Edgewater House unfold, and melt your heart. The Edgewater House presents Tori & Travis as they begin their life as husband and wife. You may start their wedding NOW!

Christmas Weddings in WA

The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue in Washington State. A Luxury Beach Venue.

A waterfront Christmas wedding in Washington State. Shimmering, lights of the Holidays give a perfect glow to your romance. It is the best time of year and the most romantic. Get married over the Holidays and give the gift of a Life Time. The heart warmth sound of the ocean and the crisp frosted air. Delight in the wonders of the holiday spirit and have the wishes of every wedding day. Walk hand in hand all through the holiday season with I Do, & Will Forever Love You. There is nothing like having your first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. under the mistletoe! Come celebrate your Holiday wedding at The Edgewater House.

Venue Location: 11967 Luna Vista Ave SE, Olalla WA 98359.
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WA State Wedding Venues

The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue in Washington State. A Luxury Beach Venue.

How to choose our desired wedding destination?

Things to consider:
1# Is it close to an airport for guest traveling? (We are only 45 minutes from SeaTac International Airport with a Shuttle that runs to and from the Inn of Gig Harbor Hotel.) It is fast and easy.
2# What is your guest size? (The Edgewater House can hold up to 200 guest but can also have the intimacy of just a few close family and friends.)
3# There is always many things to consider when choosing a venue. But when it all comes down to answering the right questions, these are the most important:

1# How do you feel when opening the door?
2# Does it pull at the things you have imagined?
3# How do you envision you and fiance there?
4# Can you see it?
5# Do you feel it?
There is a new door waiting to be opened by you and your fiance.
Before you choose make sure it is your dream and not just a check list. For your wedding is not to just be passed by, it is to be cherish.

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Bride and Groom Real Weddings.

West Coast Wedding Venues

The Edgewater House – An Expression of beauty.
In all the West Coast brides and grooms have come to us (The Edgewater House) to share their wedding day with family and friends from all over the states. We are so honored to have the opportunity to host such a perfect day with such amazing couples. It is our privilege to host wedding in Washington State for Brides and grooms all of the country. To help bring together two families and unit them as one, in the sharing of precious life moments.

We look forward to sharing more moments as the generations grow.

If you are looking for a wedding venue on the West Coast come for your personal tour. Where dreams became life and beauty has no limit. We would love to give you a tour of The Edgewater House.


Wedding Venues in the NorthWest

What Venue can bring your guest to the Pacific Northwest? The Edgewater House the expression of Northwest beauty. A comfortable and yet elegant setting that runs along the Puget Sound waterfront. With sweeping venues of Vason Island, Mt Rainier, Seattle and Washington wildlife there is nothing that can come closer to what Washingtonians call home. Direct your guest to take the great Tacoma Narrows Bridge or a joyride and the Washington State Ferries. We are none for a local grown lifestyle and share in it every day as we drink from our local coffee houses, wineries and breweries. We are now. We are not just a State, we are a lifestyle. Show it off. Come visit our venue and see how The Edgewater House represents you. From being valeted in heals to walking hand in hand down the beach. Give your guest the experience of beauty. The scenery only is enough to WOW. Now add the perfect couple who are fun, excited and real. If a picture is worth a thousand words come take a snap shot of yours.

The Edgewater House the expression of beauty. Northwest weddings. Real wedding in WA. WA venues. Beach wedding in WA. Puget Sound venues. Seattle Tacoma Everett West coast weddings

Reasons to book a venue

Three Reasons to book a beautiful northwest wedding venue.

1. Your a beautiful person, and would never settle for a background that does not accentuate you. A classy gal is not complicated. She’s simply unimpressed by simple. (Smile) Everything you do and except, is a reflection of you and your relationship with your partner. Don’t replace classy with simple. “Keep your, Heels, Head and Standards High.” – Coco Chanel

2. Picky? NO… You just like shiny things! Who are you going to be as soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Last Name?

3. Show yourself.

The Edgewater House an expression of beauty.