Eco-Friendly wedding venue

Find out what this wedding venue is doing to be Eco-friendly, and how you can be Eco-friendly on your wedding day. All though, it may be hard to participate in helping the environment on your wedding day, we have found many ways for our customers to help without making it a hassle on our brides and grooms.

What we are doing to help!

~Recycling. Although it may look overwhelming to recycle at a venue especially on your wedding day. We make it simple, for you and your guests. We recycle glass products. We also recycle locally!

~We encourage brides and grooms to stay away from paper or plastics, to help cut down on landfill.  (Have you ever noticed how many people lose their plastic at a party and grab a new set)

Try going online.

~Pay your bills online. Make a payment online through our invoicing program. And it is totally free. It helps cut down on paper products, which also cut back on the use of trees.


~Our venue is full of fluorescent bulbs. Newer CFLs give a warm, inviting light, although we are helping the environment we also want to help set a romantic mood.

Using a CFL will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb.

You can also recycle fluorescent light bulbs at some Home Depot for proper disposal. This free program is part of the National CFL recycling program


We have received most of our plants from locale gardens, farms and orchards.

There is so much more on what we are doing to be Eco-Friendly.

We are trying to cut back on landfill. We are so proud of our local vendors. Thank you for all your help and support.

Eco- friendly Wedding




Eco Friendly Wedding

The celebration of Earth Day is today! It was first celebrated in 1970. There are plenty of ways to try and help out for your wedding.

Find ways to make your wedding Eco-friendly

~Have your flowers purchased at a locale nurseries. Cut down on shipping, saving fuel usage. They may also use safer ingredients for growing.

~visit a local Farmer’s Markets to pick up some jam’s or honey to give to your guests as party favors.

~Try chocolate or chocolate covered fruits, also found at orchards, farms, or farmers markets.

~Seeds for growing flowers. Or make it personal by adding your favor flower seed, that way every time they see your flower they will think of you in your new growth.

Some tips to making your wedding Eco-friendly.

If you need more ideas let us know we would be happy to help.

Wedding Plans

Wondering where to start when it comes to planning your own wedding? Yes, it suddenly becomes overwhelming when it’s your wedding. Good news, first take a deep breath. PLANNING A WEDDING IS FUN! YOU GET TO USE ALL OF YOUR CREATIVITY IN ONE PLACE! AND IT IS ALL FOR YOU AND THE OTHER LUCKY ONE WHO IS ABOUT TO MARRY YOU. Best part is, we can help you all the way! With us helping you, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Host your wedding at the Edgewater House so you can relax all the way through.

We look forward to planning with you!

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Beach Weddings

Beach weddings in WA. We are so excited about kicking off our new wedding year. There are new bridal gowns and themes that are greeting us this new year. If you are wanting that perfect wedding and are not sure about a few things. Let us know. We have all your wedding answers! Schedule a tour and see a future waiting for you. Somedays are busy, some days are coffee days (When you are running around not getting nothing done) but on the day of your wedding, we see more than just a relaxed you, we see a happy you, a happy mom, a happy dad, and when it is all said and done a happy family. We are proud to be serving families from all walks of life, and even more importantly we are honored to be hosting the dream of a lifetime!

Plans to exit?


There is something more important than your entrance, Oh Yes, it’s your exit! Do you have a plan that ends with a bang!?! Everyone remembers the end, happy endings, funny endings… Yes, exiting is to be celebrated with flare, shouting, sparklers, hand holding with a kiss right there at the end…. Check out how The Edgewater House goes out!


Perfection at its finest… don’t hesitate, give us a call now.  253-549-5916

Best wedding location ever!

If you are thinking about coming to the Seattle Wedding Show in January of 2015. Stop by our booth. There are more than enough ideas at the show to plan your wedding right then and there.


Northwest Wonderfuls!

Coffee lovers unite!! Yes, if you are drinking a coffee, sandle wearing, ferry riding, car sharing, peddle bike riding, book reading, coffee house all day, no umbrella on rainy days, sun shines on us everyday, then you probably are a Northwest Wonderful! Growing up in the northwest makes us different then well everywhere else. Some took a ferry to school or to work, other drive over a bridge, with our waterways there is no such thing as boring. We think you should show that off to all your out of town guests. Washington weddings have become a huge deal, they are full of character, bonfires and love. And for all those people who aren’t from around here, we love you too. So come join us for only the best Northwest wedding location ever!!

Contact us, we are more the happy to help you experience everything you grow up with.

Beach weddings in WA.

Reserving your date!

Ever wonder why, our wedding look so good? (Smiling brides, Happy Parents and excited guests). Let’s share some wedding secrets. When most everything is being plans for you and you are doing the pointing and picking, it’s pretty easy to be happy! Relax and let us do the heavy lifting and supporting you need for your wedding day! We have professionals on staff waiting to assist you with all your wedding details.

Reserving your wedding date is simple. We reserve dates regularly and meet with couples all day. So, if you need something, let us know. We want to make sure you have your Save The Dates out on a timely matter! So don’t wait choose your date and let us start planning.


The Edgewater House


Kitsap County Weddings

We are the best wedding venue in Kitsap County. Yes, we are an amazing waterfront wedding venue in Kitsap County. We show of the Pacific Northwest like no other Venue in WA. Being so close to Seattle but free from the bondage of traffic and noise, we give you the gift of freedom. We give the best parties and leaving every couple excited about their day. To all you beautiful couples, we are looking forward to seeing your futures together.


Share all your proposal stories with us, we will be more then happy to take you step by step through your wedding planning process.


Wedding in WA.

We are a beach wedding venue located in Olalla Wa. Come for a tour and let us show you true beauty that reflexes you!

Dreaming of a Seattle wedding but busy seattle don’t put you at ease? Well we have a solution for you. Oh, how you are going to love it! Only 55 minutes from downtown Seattle, you can be in total bliss. from suprime landscape to, peaceful waterways, to poshy dresses, goregous people and a private event just for you. Yes, we offer all that and more. With a little travel out of busy Seattle you can be in paradise, walking the shores of there Puget Sound. No Shoes, Full Service!

Kitsap Peninsula Wedding Location

Beach Weddings in the Kitsap Peninsula are known for their Waterway views and Seafood delights! Celebrations that last way into the evening with a bonfire surrounded by dresses, slacks and adults roasting marshmellows. Nothing compares. Have your wedding at a destination that will have all your friends talking about your event.

Call us now: 253-549-5916 we are excited to help you and get you started on your future.


Our wedding venue is located in Kitsap Peninsula just across from Seattle Wa.