Waterfront Wedding Tips

Wedding day tips come from all over, here is a list of our favorite #3 tips and tricks for a flawless wedding day at The Edgewater House wedding and Event venue.

  1. Reserve a wedding location. Save the Date: reminders, come in handier then one may think. Give your guests a heads up. It will allow them more time to schedule out their day just for you! Because we want all family and friends to be a part of our wedding memories.
  2. The Edgewater House wedding and event venue allows their couples to take engagement photos at our location near Gig Harbor WA. How Awesome, so before you send out those “Save the Date” schedule a session with a photographer and set up a time to have at the venue.
  3. Maybe, your Aunt, doesn’t want to “cut” your three tiered cake! Consider added our cake cutting service. It’s under Additional Amenities.
  4. It’s hot and most your guests will want to escape to the bar before you have officially arrived and we all know that an open bar in Seattle area before the ceremony can get a little $$$, so consider a Champagne Greeting! Maybe add a splash of raspberry or another fruity something that matches your wedding day colors. Also, on our Additional Amenities list. We have sought to find all the perfect amenities to make for a flawless day.

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