Real weddings

Weddings in Olalla WA. The Edgewater House makes for the perfect wedding venue in Washington. As you have fallen in love with your soon to be spouse, your guest will also fall in love with your story as you tell it, in your unique way at The Edgewater House wedding and Event Venue. We want your event to tell a story, in your words and with you both at the center. Serving and pleasing you both is our number one goal. We would like to help create a moment in time for everyone to see your love and remember it from the your arrival to your departure! The Edgewater House crowns itself with service in an elegance setting for you and your guests. Hand in hand your guest can enjoy long walks along the sandy shore in between the seagrass and stretching Puget Sound waterways.


See a bride and groom tie the knot FACEBOOK  Enough said. Let’s get married!