When to book a venue

When to book a venue is on the mind of every bride and soon to be engaged couples. It is the most important part of your wedding plans. It helps set the mood and apostrophe. Remember, this is important because you have been thinking, dreaming and planning it in your mind. Take time and really seek out what you would like. There is books and articles titled “The money saving way of getting married.” Can you put a price tag on a perfect day? Would you? Would you look over at your bride or soon to be groom and say Honey to me our day is only worth X number of dollars because our day is not a big deal. ┬áIt is supposed to be perfect, wonderful and all your dreams combined. Try not to be one sided. He has dreams too. It is no longer a thought this is the GATEWAY to your new perfect future together. Make it as wonderful as it means to the both of you. Finding a venue is finding a destination to place your dream. If it is not all your have wanted, let it go. You have already found The Edgewater House. Tour today and make it your dream.

You should book out as far as possible. Because so much circulated around the venue. You can’t book anything solid until you have a destination for your DJ, Photographer…etc. You can never be sure that the venue will have you date. It is 2014. Brides and Grooms are already looking for 2016 dates. Planning is fun hope on board and enjoy the ride.
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