Big Wedding Ideas

Washington State Brides and Grooms! What’s your big wedding IDEA?

Open your dreams. Here’s to big happy wedding in the Northwest. Share it with all your family and party with all your friends. Go all out! Tempted by a perfect day? Too SIMPLE for your liking? Now you’re listening!!

A perfect wedding or a heart of regret? YOU CHOOSE! Why should it be you who settle for an unpleasant wedding day? Don’t settle. Open your dreams. We are here to help you plan and achieve your perfect idea for your wedding.

A perfect beach wedding day! That is exactly what you want! Filled with all your perfect Northwest wedding IDEAS. Wedding dreams for flourish your ideas. Seattle weddings are more than just ideas, they are filled with BIG IDEAS. Not sure where to start the planning process, give us a call at 253-549-5916. We have made many Puget Sound brides and grooms perfect BIG IDEAS come to life. And we would love to make that happen for you as well. Weddings with beautiful passion, heart felt excitement and a true day to be celebrated. Wedding at The Edgewater House are a dream in a bottle waiting to be opened. Open your dreams at The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue Washington State and make your BIG IDEA come to life.