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Can it be true that there is a beauty you only catch once….

While looking over out towards the open air and snowy peeks of the Cascades and the Olympic mountain ranges. Before my eyes reach those daring peeks, I cross over the complex estuaries system of interconnected marine waterways and basins. The is a calling to the water. I seek for it but what is it really? Sitting on a beach log, I ponder and find peace. How can it come to me so steady. It is like that salty air heals my mind. The warm sand is therapy to my soul. The seeking views stretch me, giving vision and hope. I am so sure in a place like this, my mind can’t escape the purity of beauty. I came here to start my journey, to pressure my passions with you.

You are my passion. You are my love. You have drawn me. I have brought you hear to this place I cherish, just to cherish it with you. For the first time I look at you, I am totally yours. There is no place I would rather be then at the waters edge with you. Darling its photo time. Lets take our first photos as Mr. and Mrs. I am excited, I am thrilled. There is such a thing as beauty and you have taken me there.

Along the Puget Sound, I gave you my vows and you gave me yours. There is nothing more beautiful that can take place at the beach the this moment with you. While you gave me your ring and whispered ” you’re the only one who touched my hear and for that, I will give you all of me”…

Your wedding could be beautiful. Your wedding could be something that only touches you once, but stays with you forever. Your wedding could take place at The Edgewater House.


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