Washington State Wedding Venues

To all Brides and Grooms looking to get married in Washington State,

Looking for a venue that pampers?

You may be looking for our Beach side service exclusively for you. We have been pampering brides and groom here in the North West for many years and they are loving it. From serving champagne on the beach while roasting a s’more, there has never been a more personal occasion then having your wedding at The Edgewater House. Posh is worth it! As we bring you luxury, our venue brings your clarity and with a touch surreal.

With each personal thing we do for you, the more you will feel what it means to be a bride. It is not only about the event of getting married, there is more, it all awaits you at The Edgewater House.

Let us plan your dream and make you the bride you have always wanted to be.

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