Destination Wedding Venue WA

Wedding destinations near Seattle WA.

What is in the idea of a destination wedding? It should be somewhere on the beach. (Smile)
Set the tone: Beauty, luxury in its most elegant form. There is a beauty within you that cannot be contained. There is only one true place that make your elegance sparkle like you should. And it is your quest to find it. You have to find the place that says you more then anything else.

Take the time to recognize it. Have you seen pictures? Take the time to watch a video? Pictures are great. You should see the place from your own lens. It may blow you away.

The Edgewater House wedding and Event Venue take you there. To the place where dreams no longer have to stay in your mind. Where passions are expressed through your eyes toward the ones you love. Standing in the sand holding hands, waiting for the camera to catch it just right. Everyone is watching but this moment is all about the preciousness of the two of you. It is like nothing in the world matters as such as this time together.

You having been waiting for the perfect place to share your wedding with this special someone. Days have gone by and you have been watching for it, but have never found it until now.

The Edgewater House wedding and event venue is more than a place. It is all about you!