Symbolic Waterfront Venue

Welcome to The Edgewater House Wedding and Event venue located just north of  Gig Harbor WA in Olalla WA.
Best wedding venue in WA. 🙂 Wedding in Washington are full of feeling and cozy expressions. The vast of the Mountain ranges and the warmth of the beachside bonfires. Looking out into the Puget Sound and seeing the wildlife and activities of the lifestyle here in and around Washington State.

When preparing for your wedding you go through all the steps in your mind. How it is going to playout? There is a few holes every once in a while, but for the most part you think you have it. Maybe, maybe not… That is why the Day of Event Planners that our venue provides is so important. No stress, no over thinking, or excessive thinking, someone else is taking notes for you, someone else is doing it. Someone who is professional, organized and personal, and only searching out your wants and your needs. Leaving excitement and giving you the freedom to enjoy and cherish every moment.

All those guests. What are they going to do with themselves? How can I make it personal for them? How do I show them we care for them? Let’s make this short by saying it is bride to guest awareness. We will go into quick detail to make it easier for you to identify BGA. If you have asked yourself the following questions before thinking about symbolic ways to show your relationship with your soon to be spouse to your guests. This is a sign. Unless this wedding is for your family and friends then this does not apply and may be more useful in seeing ways to make it personal for all of you as a family. We are going to drawing your attention away from your guests and on to your spouse for the time being. (Sign.. and Smile)
Let us share with you a life based around a symbolic life. The location and event happened right here in WA. There was a man coming over from another country many years ago. While participating in the customary check in, he had to re-choose his last name. (Brief history; back then if there were too many Anderson’s, in too many different family trees, they would give you a list and you would choose a last name off the list.) Our once Mr. Anderson, is now Mr. Andreas. Mr. Andreas unloaded the boat by the old Alki Lighthouse where his new beginning started. Over time Mr. Andreas established himself with a family. His daughter dated a young man for many years and actually met each other right in front of that Old Aliki Lighthouse. When it came time to ask her for his hand. They made a little trip back to those old memories and of course where it all started.
Symbolic means, serving as a symbol. At the young man’s and daughter’s wedding they had a Lighthouse for all their guests to see as they approached the venue of course it was a beach venue. It was the bride and grooms symbolic invitation to join them on their new beginning. This is precious. Be symbolic, it is in you, it is a part of you, let all your guests see your love as one.


The Edgewater House