2016 Brides and Grooms

The Edgewater House would like to announce to all brides and grooms looking for 2016 dates!

2016 Brides and Grooms in the Seattle Area! Are you still looking for thr right date for your WA wedding? The timeline to booking your specific venue date is approaching! If you have a specific date you have searched from Northern Washington to Southern Washington side to side and have not found it, here are a few ideas to help your search. It is time you settle into a venue and allow it to be your destination. There are many brides seeking to find that particular Saturday available in summer. Don’t fright, there are many other weekend days available. This is what we need to discuss. Letting go of booking that Saturday for 2016, and start opening your mind to more booking opportunities. I few ideas to consider Friday with is the kick out day to the weekend, pretty much everyone in your wedding is going to be waiting, anticipating your special day! They are going to be preparing for your Friday wedding all week. Or on other hand Sunday. You may look at Sunday as the slow day of the weekend. Here is a new perspective, imagine all your friends that really have done nothing all week, now it’s the last day they get to celebrate before they go back to work.  Picking a day for your event is a big deal. But realistically good friends move heaven and earth to get to your event, when they know it is special to you. Let your guest know how important your wedding is to you and they will be there! Always remember these tips, when picking a venue! Your friends will be there. Start looking for the venue you want, pick an available wedding date for 2016 and go with it! You are going to have a perfect day. We look forward to this journey with you! The Edgewater House wedding and event venue.



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