Day of Event Supervior

Day of event supervisor – the basic essential for your wedding.
Let’s chat Day of Event Supervisors for your wedding. We will be exploring why these fabulous day of event supervisors are a must for every couples.
(In our next blog we will help you explore the possible needs for a full time planner. If you are a midnight/weekend Pinterest marathon running, who has a full time job, this may be the best options for you.).

You may have an awesome line up of fantastic ideas, and that your plans are easy enough for any bride to take on. But no matter how organized everything is lied up it’s much more difficult than you’d think to keep each of those plans and moving parts in check on the day of. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. And it doesn’t matter if the gal next to you is doing everything herself. You walk a different life and may just love the pampuring of a helping hand.

Now you have moved into the position to work with an event supervisor. Day of event supervisors are there to implement your ideal day timeline and blueprint venue layout for the ceremony and reception. For the day of the event they are moving you through your timeline and into the positions to keep all those moving parts in check for your success. They know the layout of the venue inside and out to help your day flaw flawlessly. For example, in the morning you are getting ready, not necessarily do you want to be setting up your elegant chairs for the ceremony and you want to done how you imagine it, they aresuperving that it is. Moving even a single chair is no job for any couples of ours! 😉 Have you hear of our stuff service team that comes into the venue prior to your arrival and sets everything up for you and cleans it up as well, excluding person decor like centerpieces and flowers. This service is complementary with all of our wedding packages.

The package below is a packages that our day of event supervisors here at The Edgewater House offers to our couples. It is designed for the bride who wants to take care of most of the details leading up to the wedding, but would like for someone else to help execute the actual wedding day. Meeting a few times prior to the wedding, to discuss all details andmake sure everything is in order.

Leading up to your wedding

1. Meet & greet, venue layout and discussing possible design/layout options.
2. Unlimited support and attention via email, phone, and FaceTime.
3. Vendor recommendations.
4. Blueprint layout of venue and set up layout. Finalizing plan A and B, for venue play out.
5. Complete review of plans and details already in place. All your ideas in a nutshell.
6. Finalize wedding day schedule. Staying on schedule is keeping those moving parts in action.
7. Rehearsal coordinator at the venue. (Cause when your best friend Jenni and Todd hit it off, people get distracted)

Finally the day has come!

1. Set up supervision for blueprint venue layout (tables & chairs). Day of event supervisor is mirroring your desired set up throughout the venue grounds.
2. Coordination and supervision of the ceremony. (No distraction but, we are loving the flirting smiles and teasing from Jenni and Todd.)
3. Coordination and supervision for reception blueprint set up. 5. Making sure each tables it placed exactly right.

Congratulations, your day is on its way to successes and a happily ever after!!