Gift Ideas For The Whole Wedding Party

4 Unique Gifts For Your Whole Wedding Party


One of the responsibilities as the bride and groom is to thank your wedding party appropriately for supporting you throughout your planning. There’s endless options on what to gift your bridesmaids and groomsmen these days and you tend to see a lot of the same things; like jewelry for the ladies and ties for the men. However, when you think about all that your wedding party does for you – helps your big day run smoothly, plans bachelor and bachelorette parties and a bridal shower! They deserve something more than just the usual. Being able to gift your wedding party something unique shows that you put thought into thanking them and will be a heartfelt and memorable present for your loved ones.



If you are having a fun and casual outdoor wedding in the warmer months, sunglasses are a great gift to give your wedding party. You want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be comfortable in the sunshine, while still looking the part for your wedding party! Gifting them all fashionable sunglasses will ensure they look on-point for the ceremony, while also keeping your wedding laid-back and fun during the reception. Plus, this will offer you all a trendy look for your wedding photos and your friends will have a gift to use after the wedding!


An experience

Gifting an experience, like a spa day or a trip to a local eatery is a very personal way to say “thank you” to your wedding party. Think about each bridesmaid and groomsman and what they love to do, then gift them the experience of going and doing it! If your maid of honor needs a relaxing day post-wedding, then gift her a massage and facial at a local spa. If your buddy has been talking about wanting to skydive the last few months, give him a gift certificate for a day of jumping out of planes! Whatever it is they love to do, gifting it to them is a special way to show that you truly appreciate their support during your hectic months of wedding planning. Plus, if you are located in the Hudson Valley or New York City area, options like these are endless!


Cologne or Perfume

Giving your groomsmen and bridesmaids perfume and cologne is a unique present to help them remember your wedding for years and years. You can create a fragrance that is special to your wedding day for both perfume and cologne. Then, you can put a label on it that signifies that is from your wedding and even include a message thanking your party for being an instrumental part in it! Although gifts like this are personal to your wedding, a fragrance isn’t something that your friends and family will put on a shelf to collect dust – they will use this for months to come!


Water bottles

Water bottles can be a really cool gift these days since there are so many exciting new designs out there, and they are not often used for weddings! If you want to help your bridal party stay hydrated throughout your big day, then purchase them personalized water bottles. You can customize them with the colors of your wedding, their favorite colors or designs, and even add a monogram so every person knows which bottle is theirs!


You can say “thank you” to your wedding party as many times as you want, but a better way to show your appreciation to your loved ones is by gifting them something special! These gifts won’t give you much planning-related stress while still being thoughtful and heartfelt for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.