Gift Ideas For The Whole Wedding Party

4 Unique Gifts For Your Whole Wedding Party


One of the responsibilities as the bride and groom is to thank your wedding party appropriately for supporting you throughout your planning. There’s endless options on what to gift your bridesmaids and groomsmen these days and you tend to see a lot of the same things; like jewelry for the ladies and ties for the men. However, when you think about all that your wedding party does for you – helps your big day run smoothly, plans bachelor and bachelorette parties and a bridal shower! They deserve something more than just the usual. Being able to gift your wedding party something unique shows that you put thought into thanking them and will be a heartfelt and memorable present for your loved ones.



If you are having a fun and casual outdoor wedding in the warmer months, sunglasses are a great gift to give your wedding party. You want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be comfortable in the sunshine, while still looking the part for your wedding party! Gifting them all fashionable sunglasses will ensure they look on-point for the ceremony, while also keeping your wedding laid-back and fun during the reception. Plus, this will offer you all a trendy look for your wedding photos and your friends will have a gift to use after the wedding!


An experience

Gifting an experience, like a spa day or a trip to a local eatery is a very personal way to say “thank you” to your wedding party. Think about each bridesmaid and groomsman and what they love to do, then gift them the experience of going and doing it! If your maid of honor needs a relaxing day post-wedding, then gift her a massage and facial at a local spa. If your buddy has been talking about wanting to skydive the last few months, give him a gift certificate for a day of jumping out of planes! Whatever it is they love to do, gifting it to them is a special way to show that you truly appreciate their support during your hectic months of wedding planning. Plus, if you are located in the Hudson Valley or New York City area, options like these are endless!


Cologne or Perfume

Giving your groomsmen and bridesmaids perfume and cologne is a unique present to help them remember your wedding for years and years. You can create a fragrance that is special to your wedding day for both perfume and cologne. Then, you can put a label on it that signifies that is from your wedding and even include a message thanking your party for being an instrumental part in it! Although gifts like this are personal to your wedding, a fragrance isn’t something that your friends and family will put on a shelf to collect dust – they will use this for months to come!


Water bottles

Water bottles can be a really cool gift these days since there are so many exciting new designs out there, and they are not often used for weddings! If you want to help your bridal party stay hydrated throughout your big day, then purchase them personalized water bottles. You can customize them with the colors of your wedding, their favorite colors or designs, and even add a monogram so every person knows which bottle is theirs!


You can say “thank you” to your wedding party as many times as you want, but a better way to show your appreciation to your loved ones is by gifting them something special! These gifts won’t give you much planning-related stress while still being thoughtful and heartfelt for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Near By Activities & Lodging


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!
There is much to experience in the Upper Left. Here is what we love about this area and why we love to call it home.

All-Waters Fly Fishing & Guide Service.
Destiny Harbor Cruises
Kayak & SUP in beautiful Gig Harbor
Gondola cruises
BMX Park
Sand Volleyball
Movie in the park Friday nights
Saturday morning markets at Skansie
Canterwood Golf and Country Club.
Madronna Links Golf Course.
Trophy Lake Golf and Casting Club.
Cushman Trail

Maritime Inn (Charming in the harbor)
Best Western Wesley Inn & suites (UpTown Gig Harbor)
Bears Lair B&B. (Wooded area)
Waterfront Inn (Waterfront)
No Cabbage B&B (wooded area)
Pleasure Craft Houseboats. (In the Harbor)

Morso wine bar – Live Music.
Markee coffee & wine. – Live Music.
Summer Sounds concert Series at Skansie.
Galaxy Theater and IMAX Theater. Serving wine and beer.
Cutters Point Coffee Co. Foundered in Gig Harbor, WA.
Olalla vineyard and winery.

Jax Salon
Silver Soleil Tan Studio
Massage Envy
Jasmine Spa & Nails

Uptown Gig Harbor
Bloom, Chicos, Frankie, J. Jill’s, LOFT, Soma, Talbot.
Shopping in the Harbor
Fly Shop, Beach Basket Gift, Sea Hags, Bella Kitchen & Home Goods, Foundry Man’s Goods.


(In the heart of the city, you can find over twenty unique restaurants)
JW Restaurant. Voted South Sounds “Best” for the 4th year in a row.
Net Shed No. 9 (Offers fabulous flavors of the Northwest)
Gertie & the Giant Octopus. Small plates.
Millsvill Pizza Co.
The Green Turtle. (Near the mouth of the harbor. In the summer reserve a table on the deck)
The Tides Tavern. Since 1973
Brix 25. Serves Champagne upon your arrival.
Kelly’s Cafe & Espresso.
El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant & Cantina. Open late.
JW Trolley @ The Boatyard
Anthony’s Restaurant. (Seafood and more)
Lele’s Thai Cuisine.
Gourmet Burgers.

Wet Coast Brewing Co.
7Sea Brewery.
Heritage Distilling Co (Two locations)

Bremerton – Kitsap Airporter (SeaTac – Inn at Gig Harbor)
Gig Harbor Taxi.
Gig Harbor Trolley.
Enterprise Car rentals.

Visit the Olympic Peninsula

(Additional drive time)
Hoh Rain Forest. Olympic National Park.
Hurricane Ridge Hiking Trail.
Mountain Biking – Gold Creek Trail.
Rocky Brook Falls. Dosewallips State Park.
Rattlesnake Ridge


We hope you enjoy these treasures as much as we do!

Thank you,

The Edgewater House Team

Day of Event Supervior

Day of event supervisor – the basic essential for your wedding.
Let’s chat Day of Event Supervisors for your wedding. We will be exploring why these fabulous day of event supervisors are a must for every couples.
(In our next blog we will help you explore the possible needs for a full time planner. If you are a midnight/weekend Pinterest marathon running, who has a full time job, this may be the best options for you.).

You may have an awesome line up of fantastic ideas, and that your plans are easy enough for any bride to take on. But no matter how organized everything is lied up it’s much more difficult than you’d think to keep each of those plans and moving parts in check on the day of. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. And it doesn’t matter if the gal next to you is doing everything herself. You walk a different life and may just love the pampuring of a helping hand.

Now you have moved into the position to work with an event supervisor. Day of event supervisors are there to implement your ideal day timeline and blueprint venue layout for the ceremony and reception. For the day of the event they are moving you through your timeline and into the positions to keep all those moving parts in check for your success. They know the layout of the venue inside and out to help your day flaw flawlessly. For example, in the morning you are getting ready, not necessarily do you want to be setting up your elegant chairs for the ceremony and you want to done how you imagine it, they aresuperving that it is. Moving even a single chair is no job for any couples of ours! 😉 Have you hear of our stuff service team that comes into the venue prior to your arrival and sets everything up for you and cleans it up as well, excluding person decor like centerpieces and flowers. This service is complementary with all of our wedding packages.

The package below is a packages that our day of event supervisors here at The Edgewater House offers to our couples. It is designed for the bride who wants to take care of most of the details leading up to the wedding, but would like for someone else to help execute the actual wedding day. Meeting a few times prior to the wedding, to discuss all details andmake sure everything is in order.

Leading up to your wedding

1. Meet & greet, venue layout and discussing possible design/layout options.
2. Unlimited support and attention via email, phone, and FaceTime.
3. Vendor recommendations.
4. Blueprint layout of venue and set up layout. Finalizing plan A and B, for venue play out.
5. Complete review of plans and details already in place. All your ideas in a nutshell.
6. Finalize wedding day schedule. Staying on schedule is keeping those moving parts in action.
7. Rehearsal coordinator at the venue. (Cause when your best friend Jenni and Todd hit it off, people get distracted)

Finally the day has come!

1. Set up supervision for blueprint venue layout (tables & chairs). Day of event supervisor is mirroring your desired set up throughout the venue grounds.
2. Coordination and supervision of the ceremony. (No distraction but, we are loving the flirting smiles and teasing from Jenni and Todd.)
3. Coordination and supervision for reception blueprint set up. 5. Making sure each tables it placed exactly right.

Congratulations, your day is on its way to successes and a happily ever after!!

How to use Pinterest for your wedding








Wondering why so many couples are turning to Pinterest? Couples are going wild on the Pinterest and taking advantage of every idea imaginable! You should too!!

We are going to go over 5 main ideas and benefits in using Pinterest: 1. how to use Pinterest to better your wedding. 2. how to stay focused on your style and your story. 3. the importance of using captions. 4. how to clean up your board. 5. And once we are finished we are going to show you how to share your board with other in 3 easy steps.

Start by creating a new board, and pinning everything you love as it relays to your wedding, keep in mind your personal style and the story that you and your partner want to tell during the wedding. This might show up in a color palette you’re drawn to, an image that draws out a feeling, or a specific styling detail that you that you’d love to see incorporated. Remember as you’re going through the pinning stage is that you don’t need to bind yourself to only pinning wedding-related content. Inspiration can come in many forms, so think about pinning typography samples from a magazine spread that mirrors the chic, elegance that you might be drawn to.

When you are all pinned out and figure you have pinned enough to gain a clear idea of the style you are leaning toward.  You are going to want to eliminate any images that you many have got carried away with, so ask yourself what each image represents for your wedding mood and why you’re drawn to it, you may find that quite a few will be deleted… For the images that remain, (Yay, so far they have made the cut) we want to make actual notes in the caption of each photo, noting what you like about it and what it represents on you in regards to your wedding. When you return to that pin months or days down the line, you’ll have an idea what you had in mind at the time of pinning.  It will also help keep other who are helping you put your ideas into reality on the same page.

How to share any Pinterest board in 3 easy steps.

  1. In Pinterest, choose the board you would like to share. Once you have opened the board, colored with a light gray font there are three icons located left center below the address bar. Click the icon with the 3 dots. It’s going to be the one on the right.
  2. Choose the option “Send board”. Use the name or email to search for them within the Pinterest If they do not already have an account that is alright, just be sure to type their email address correctly.
  3. Once you have chosen your desired advocate, write to them a little note describing why you are drawn to this board or if it is your own personal board note to them that you have captioned your thoughts below each pin.

Valentine’s Day Venue

Valentine’s Day is right around the bend and it has us feeling even more lovey-dovey than usual! The romantic date night it just one day away and our favorites are the ones that skip the normal date night and surprise one another, with something MORE. So we are leaving you 3 options to go above and beyond!! Although there is an abundant of romantic things to do for the LOVE of your life, these are the ones we thought may be perfect for you! XOXO


#1. Sailing on Lake Union.

This Shouts I LOVE YOU! It sounds romantic, feels romantic and will make any day absolutely breathtaking! (Which is exactly what you are going for) FYI, you may bring a bottle of wine or a favorite Pacific Northwest beer or snuggle up with some bourbon hot cocoa! There is no better way to say “I love it when it’s just you and me!”


#2. Get away to Gig Harbor WA!

Time and time again, Gig Harbor WA is known as one of the top weekend getaways in our state. That’s probably because of its charming waterfront lodging, breweries, distilleries and fine dining serving only the best Northwest cuisine. This could be special for any couple who are looking for a timeless way to say “I love… Now and forever!”


#3. Come Fly with me!

Delight in the luxury of your own privet seaplane. Take off from anywhere and go everywhere. It’s not over the top… its perfect!!! Take a trip in the air, and enjoy stunning views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.  Watch the landscape come to life as you drift within the clouds and sorrow about the Puget Sound waterways. After landing at your destination have dinner and look back through your amazing photo gallery!! This says “our love is always going to be an incredible adventure!”


We are so excited to have shared these ideas with you and we hope that they will spark a million dreams to your Valentine’s Day!!

From The Edgewater House Staff with LOVE!

Valentine’s Day Venue Shopping

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Which means, it is venue shopping for many couples in the greater Seattle area! With LOVE drifting off the beautiful Puget Sound, it makes for a lovely season to pop the question! The Edgewater House wedding and event venue offers our couples and their guests a gorgeous setting and an unforgettable occasion! We encourage our couples to reserve their desired date as early as possible, that way they can reserve the date that is going to best fit their needs. . . We work around the clock to accommodate all needs and wishes for weddings big or small. As a couple you shouldn’t need to do everything for your wedding. Instead we do! Our professional wedding team is ready to start the wedding planning journey with you. Our stunning location is just minutes north of Gig Harbor WA. We have led many couples into staying on schedule, in a relaxed environment and feeling very posh while doing so. And we continue to do so every day and we love it!

From the moment you start your planning process with us, we want to go over all the details on who you are as a couple, and how you got to where you are now. We have taken this journey with many couples and we have built relationship that will continue to last for generations and we look forward to doing the same with you. In our relaxed atmosphere, it is our pleasure to keep you and your fiancé pampered from day one.  We want this to be not just a day or a location you will never forget but an experience that will go with you forever.  Finish your shopping with The Edgewater house, it’s going to be a beautiful day! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

The Edgewater House Sneak Peek

Lance and Simi Wedding in Gig Harbor, Washington; Please enjoy this “Sneak Peek” of their wedding day!  Watch this video to see what The Edgewater House could offer to you for all your wedding needs.  We have that special place to show that special person just how much they mean to you!  , If this is your desire, we would love to help you with that, and get you set with a wedding date of your own!

The Edgewater House has so much to offer each and every couple. Please contact us today to find out how you can celebrate the wedding of your dreams with family and friends.

Wedding venue near Tacoma

The Edgewater House is a premiere waterfront wedding destination for any couple seeking the ultimate Washington beach wedding experience. This is the perfect place to leave the real world behind and glide right into your own personal fairytale!  The Edgewater House boasts its own luxurious private beach nestled among the trees of the Puget Sound shoreline in a remote hideaway location.  Designed with hand-crafted artistry, our delightfully dreamy landscape and venue has the allure of a Pacific Northwest Villa and we will make you feel like royalty on your special day.   


We feature personalized service with our own in-house wedding supervisor and complete event staff to manage every detail with care.  Whether your fairy-tale involves an intimate gathering of your closest friends or a festive crowd of 200+ people, The Edgewater House provides a place to celebrate in privacy and style.  Get ready to embrace your imagination for the wedding of a lifetime!   

The Edgewater House

Lance & Simi Wedding in Gig Harbor WA! Please Enjoy this amazing Sneak Peek of their wedding day!! Watch this sneak peek video to see what The Edgewater House could offer you and all your needs! Sometimes going all out to make your soon to be spouse feel special and needed is most important! We would love to help you with that and get you set with a wedding date of your own!

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Venue in WA

Wedding in the summer of 2016. kicking off the summer with amazing wedding inspirations. Check out this amazing location that The Edgewater House in Gig Harbor offers. Beautiful sand beach perfect for a wedding destination in the Seattle area.

Waterfront venue in the Seattle Tacoma Kirkland Lynnwood Gig Harbor area.

Waterfront venue in the Seattle Tacoma Kirkland Lynnwood Gig Harbor area.