Best venues in WA

Take a tour of The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue located just North of Gig Harbor, only about an hour out of downtown Seattle, 20 minutes from Tacoma and a place you will remember all your life. Come take a tour with us. You will find a dream that has always been yours. While you are walking on the perfect beaches of the… Read More

Rare Weddings

Puget Sound weddings and Event at The Edgewater House. Be a part of the privileged Weddings for a rare few. Your invitation only comes once a lifetime because weddings last forever. Enjoy the rare beauties of the Salty Sound. Indulge yourself with North West style in a private setting for the privileged few. Feel the perfection in life, as your toes melt into the… Read More

Destination Wedding Venue WA

Wedding destinations near Seattle WA. What is in the idea of a destination wedding? It should be somewhere on the beach. (Smile) Set the tone: Beauty, luxury in its most elegant form. There is a beauty within you that cannot be contained. There is only one true place that make your elegance sparkle like you should. And it is your quest to find it…. Read More

Washington State Wedding Venues

To all Brides and Grooms looking to get married in Washington State, Looking for a venue that pampers? You may be looking for our Beach side service exclusively for you. We have been pampering brides and groom here in the North West for many years and they are loving it. From serving champagne on the beach while roasting a s’more, there has never been… Read More

Washington Brides

Can it be true that there is a beauty you only catch once…. While looking over out towards the open air and snowy peeks of the Cascades and the Olympic mountain ranges. Before my eyes reach those daring peeks, I cross over the complex estuaries system of interconnected marine waterways and basins. The is a calling to the water. I seek for it but… Read More

Washington Brides & Grooms!

Soon to be Washington State Brides and Grooms! Valentine’s Day is here. Are you thinking of popping the question? But are still not sure of the right location. The Edgewater House waterfront wedding and event venue is located North of Gig Harbor is the perfect proposal location for you. We have been serving Seattle and surrounding areas, and would love to host your beach… Read More

Big Wedding Ideas

Washington State Brides and Grooms! What’s your big wedding IDEA? Open your dreams. Here’s to big happy wedding in the Northwest. Share it with all your family and party with all your friends. Go all out! Tempted by a perfect day? Too SIMPLE for your liking? Now you’re listening!! A perfect wedding or a heart of regret? YOU CHOOSE! Why should it be you… Read More

Tori & Travis Beachfront Wedding Video in WA

Tori and Travis Beachfront Wedding Video in Washington State. The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue. See a wedding at The Edgewater House unfold, and melt your heart. The Edgewater House presents Tori & Travis as they begin their life as husband and wife. You may start their wedding NOW!

Christmas Weddings in WA

The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue in Washington State. A Luxury Beach Venue. A waterfront Christmas wedding in Washington State. Shimmering, lights of the Holidays give a perfect glow to your romance. It is the best time of year and the most romantic. Get married over the Holidays and give the gift of a Life Time. The heart warmth sound of the ocean… Read More

WA State Wedding Venues

The Edgewater House Wedding and Event Venue in Washington State. A Luxury Beach Venue. How to choose our desired wedding destination? Things to consider: 1# Is it close to an airport for guest traveling? (We are only 45 minutes from SeaTac International Airport with a Shuttle that runs to and from the Inn of Gig Harbor Hotel.) It is fast and easy. 2# What… Read More